Computational Medicine and Informatics Collaboratory

The Computational Medicine and INformatics (COM-IN; pronounced as “common”) Collaboratory is focused on transforming acute care and health systems through engineering-driven and integrative research as well as training next-generation scientists, engineers, and clinicians through personalized mentorship and true multidisciplinary immersion.

Expertise & Training Areas

Biomedical Data Science and Informatics | Healthcare Systems Engineering

Engineering Research   
  • Engineering and Computing Applications for Critical Care Medicine
  • Medical Informatics
  • Mobile Health (mHealth) Applications | Telemedicine

   Clinical Applications: Traumatic Brain Injury, Respiratory Failure, Cardiovascular diseases

Educational Research 
  • Computational and Data Literacy
  • Ethical Decision-Making and Professional Formation in Engineering
  • Asset-based Practices

Are you interested in joining the COM-IN Collaboratory?

Please see list of open positions and opportunities here


COM-IN Collaboratory Director: 

         Vignesh Subbian, PhD
         Assistant Professor | College of Engineering
         Department of Biomedical Engineering
         Department of Systems & Industrial Engineering
         Statistics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program
         Member, BIO5 Institute
         The University of Arizona
         Twitter: @V_Subbian